Collection and processing of personal data

When browsing the website, the visitor remains anonymous, i.e. no data is collected that would enable personal identification. If we need some personal data to provide a certain service (such as delivery of ordered goods), we will warn the user at that time, and request the necessary information such as name, VAT, name of company or organization, address, phone, e-mail, and other information as needed. By entering personal data in the fields provided on the website, you confirm that you have voluntarily made your personal data available and that you allow it to be used for the purpose for which the data was provided.

Data processing is the responsibility of Opti Value d.o.o., VAT: HR85426697502. If you have any questions regarding the processing and use of personal data, feel free to contact us at

Purpose, method of processing and storing of personal data

All personal data is used exclusively for the purposes for which it was collected and for which consent has been given. The collected data will not be made available to third parties in any way, except for the purpose prescribed by law or unless explicit consent has been given. By making an inquiry to Opti Value d.o.o. you consent to us responding to you through the same communication channel to which you made the inquiry and to store your personal data that you have given us for a maximum period of 5 years or for the period required to respond to your inquiry in full.

User rights

The user has the following rights at all times:

  • the right to information on the processing of personal data, as well as the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, which will stop the processing of personal data;
  • the right to rectify the data in the event that the personal data collected are incomplete or inaccurate;
  • the right to erase all data in cases such as termination of the purpose of processing, withdrawal of consent.

Management of marketing consents for personal data processing

By accepting consent to the usage of personal data, through the newsletter, you give permission to Opti Value to use and store personal data for the purpose of marketing for a period of 5 years if you do not withdraw your consent earlier.

By accepting consent on the Opti Value newsletter, you subscribe to the Opti Value newsletter, which adds you to the marketing list and gives consent to the use of personal data name, surname, e-mail, gender, age group. We will subsequently ask you to renew your consent before the expiry of the 5-year period after the first consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time as easily as you gave it without giving a reason in your user profile or by clicking on the link in the newsletter.

Use of cookies

In order for the website to work properly and improve your browsing experience, it is necessary to store a minimum amount of information (cookies) on your computer or mobile device. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies, by blocking them you can still browse the site, but some of its features will not be functional. If you want to avoid the use of cookies, you need to adjust your computer’s settings to delete cookies from websites and / or notify you about the storage of cookies on your computer.

What type of cookies we use

Session cookies – These are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically deleted) when you close your internet browser. We use these cookies to provide access to content and to enable commenting (things you must do when logging in with your information to the website).

Persistent cookies – these usually have an expiration date far into the future and will remain in your browser until they expire, or until you delete them manually. We use persistent cookies to better understand user habits so that we can improve the website according to your habits. This information is anonymous – we do not see individual user data.

Are there any third party cookies on the website?

There are several external services that store limited cookies for the user. These cookies are not set by this website, but some serve for the normal functioning of certain features that make it easier for users to access the content. We currently enable:

Traffic measurement

Opti Value d.o.o. uses Google Analytics to measure traffic.

If you want to disable the specified service from storing cookies, you can disable it at the following link: 

Additional information about opting out of cookies

More information about cookies at the following links: and  http: //